2 thoughts on “DC Transgender Equality Campaign

  1. I’m really excited that Washington, D.C. is the first city to have a Transgender Equality Campaign. While I support equal rights of all genders I feel that most of the public attention has gone to the homosexual campaign rather than the transgender/gender equality campaign. Both are equally as important to public evolution yet the homosexual movement seems to get more attention. It’s also very important that the Office of Human Rights is the organization that supports this campaign. I really admire that a government organization is supporting the gender equality movement. I liked how the PSAs did not include their subjects’ genders. A gender neutral zone is incredibly important for people of all sexual preference and opinion to feel safe. These gender movements are the same as civil rights movement back in the 1960’s. They stand for equality for ALL, not just one specific group of people.

  2. I really liked how the PSAs included little blurbs about who the featured people are and what they like to do around the city, because I think it encourages focus on the fact that people are people, no matter how they identify gender-wise. I like that rather than just saying “I should be treated equally because I’m transgendered” the posters communicate “I should be treated equally because I’m a person” which, like Grace said, gives even more weight to the campaign because it advocates the big-picture importance of equality for everyone.

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