4 thoughts on “Rape is Rape, but Only if it’s in the Correct Box?

  1. I agree with the article. Any form of sexual activity without concent is rape. It’s disgusting to think that individual governments do not see rape as rape if the woman is unconscience.

  2. I think the definition you gave for rape is accurate. I think the whole idea of “forcible” rape instead of just general rape is just an example of ignorance about the topic. It implies that it is only rape if the rapist used violence against his victim which is not always the case such as when the victim has been drugged or is unconscious. This is shows how big a problem rape culture is and how so many men think they have a right to a woman’s body.

  3. I think your final comment about how the issue of rape is bigger than what can be discussed in terms of legislation is really important, especially after what we talked about in class today. The continued controversy about the legal definition of rape has roots in age-old problems that are extremely ingrained in our society, which makes it hard to talk about and quantify. The fact that rape may not be considered forcible or “legitimate” because a victim is unconscious is disturbing and shows that something is clearly wrong with the way current rape legislation is worded, and a change needs to be made. The fact that discomfort with this topic makes it hard to legally define is frustrating, because drawn-out debate on what “makes rape rape” is detrimental to abuse victims who will continue to suffer while it remains unresolved.

  4. I agree that rape is rape, and it shouldn’t be categorized into legitimate rape or anything else. It only results in more women getting abused and treated unfairly. I also agree with Sally that any forms of sexual activity without consent is rape.

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