3 thoughts on ““How Do I Look?” “Do You Think He Notices Me?” And Other Useless Questions

  1. This article is awesome! I totally agree with everything the author and you said. The thing I thought was weird about the video was how her boobs move. Not really sure how that happens… are the headphones supposed to be doing that? Not sure that’s normal… maybe she should get that checked out. Women really are just thrown in to just about every ad as objects to get someone’s attention. I love Ms. I always think about this whenever I’m in the grocerty store and see the long aisles of women’s mags which feature shallow, appearance-focused articles and advice.

  2. I hate how obvious it is in these ads that the women are trying to show off for a man. It’s bad already, but the fact that they can’t even be subtle about it makes it seem even worse. Also, most of these products have nothing to do with women’s bodies, like headphones. Headphones have nothing to do with boobs, and yet advertisers know this kind of image will get the attention of men so they’ll buy their product. The article mentioned that so many people just ignore the message of these ads because it’s “normal,” which says so much about how long a ways our society has to go before ads can stop being paternalistic and sexist.

  3. These ads are so completely ridiculous. It’s annoying enough that women’s bodies are so often used to sell products, but these commercials don’t focus on the product AT ALL. Without the tiny part at the end, it would just appear to be a commercial for boobs and you would never know it was a commercial for headphones. These are pretty extreme cases, but there are stereotypes and objectification in the majority of advertising which often go unnoticed because, as the article states, we are so used to seeing them. People are just absorbing sexist messages through ads without even realizing it, which makes them think it’s completely okay to disrespect women’s bodies and make stereotypical assumptions about gender in all aspects of life.

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